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26 июня 2018, 05:23

Google Rolls Out “Chat,” Another New Way to Message on Android

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Google has been struggling to come up with a compelling messaging app for its mobile platform. Two years back, it began work on Allo, a new application for Android users that would finally bring it up-to-par with the chat features offered in iMessage and similar services.

Now, as reported by the Verge, Google has decided to halt work on Allo and move over to a new service, simply called “Chat.” The difference here is that unlike the others which were add-ons, Chat will be the new standard Android Messages App with a new underlying mesh of services.

SMS, an aging standard for simple texting, has largely been supplanted by carrier-supplied systems like the Rich Communications Services standard, which Chat will be implementing soon. That would bring its feature set up to bar with those used by iMessage, allowing users to see when one another is typing, as well as enable seamless group texting.

For most, this could mean even cheaper services too, as these messages will likely be tied to the user’s data plan instead of their SMS limit — which, depending on carrier and locale, can run quite a bit higher per message than its data-bound equivalent.

Because these services are carrier bound, though, it’ll take some cooperation from them as well. To that end, the tech giant has been working with every major carrier on Earth and already has dozens of companies and manufacturers that are willing to support the venture.

In theory, this is a service that Apple could support in parallel to its iMessage standard,  but there’s no word on if Cupertino will back it.

Sources suggest that at this rate, though, Chat may well be on the majority of Android phones by the end of the year. And the hope is that it will become the de facto messaging app for Android users.

The only negative seems to be the imminent death of Google Allo. And… really will anyone miss it? It’s no Google Reader…

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Source: https://www.geek.com/tech/google-rolls-out-chat-another-new-way-to-message-on-android-1737633/?source=google